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Chapter 1 – Scene Two is posted!

Yes, I’ve been hard at work. I love it when the words just seem to flow. Nice change of pace. I hope that doesn’t mean the quality is slipping. *smile*

Chapter 2 – Scene Two


Chapter 1 – Scene One has been added! Go look!!!

Hello, Chapter 1 – Scene One is now available. Here is the link to make it easy:

Prologue – Scene Two is finished!

Chapter One is starting to come together now. I also have a pretty clear idea of what’s to come in Chapter Two. I can’t wait to start on it. I’m getting pretty excited about how this is progressing.

I’ve been invited to write a blog!

I was just contacted earlier this evening and asked to write for a blog.  It’s a political blog on called Conservative for Change. I’m not sure if mixing my fiction and non-fiction is the brightest of ideas, but I am a political hound and devoted to the cause of liberty. To be asked to contribute in even this small way to the national debate is an honor for me. I am one of a staff of contributing writers ( currently there are 8 ) and I am looking forward to having my voice heard on issues of vital importance to this country. I’ll post a link to the Conservative for Change blog here and also create a new page for such things.

Conservative for Change

Prologue – Scene One finished

I just finished the first scene of the Prologue and posted it to the “Mortality, Interrupted” page.


Apologies and requests

Hello Alpheans,

I just want to apologize for the slowdown of late. I’ve been a bit sidetracked with trying to get a ‘real’ job and that’s taken some of the steam out of my writing time. I fully intend to put nose to grindstone tonight and at least finish the first scene of the Prologue. If that goes well, I may even start on the second Prologue scene, which would be great.

I also want to take a moment to thank every one of you who have expressed your support. Your enthusiasm for what I’m doing and your encouragement truly keep me going! I had no idea when I started how hard it would be to write a book. Some of you have seen my earlier writing and most of that seemed effortless by comparison, and it truly was. I could write as much of a story as I wanted and when it got to be the least bit difficult I could just wrap it up and stop. No one expected better, so why not? But now the standards are far, far higher and as a result my effort must be much, much more diligent. The fact that so many of you have such high expectations of my work and are so desirous of reading it that you relentlessly pester me for the next installment really holds my feet to the fire and gives me what I need to push through those inevitable moments of doubt, frustration, and fatigue. Should the precious gift of your enthusiastic support falter, this book will not be finished, let alone see print. I beg you all to remain diligent your enthusiasm and your pestering. It is only through such efforts on my behalf that this book will ever be written and submitted for publication.

Again, thank you and please don’t stop.

Workshop feedback for “Mortality, Interrupted”

Hey Alpheans!
I submitted “Mortality, Interrupted” to another local workshop group, the St, Petersburg chapter of the IAoAA (International Association of Aspiring Authors) and got some good feedback:
kford2007 wrote:
I really, really liked this, Tristan, though I would like to see a bit more description.  You have such a beautiful way with descriptions and I really think a few hints to oiled lamps or the smell of the place or something to set the mood would make this piece even strong than it is.
There was one line that confused me at first as to who said it:
“It’s almost time, Thomas. Are ye with us and the Lord? Or are ye in league with them and the Legions of Hell?”
I wasn’t sure if this was the barkeep who spoke or Matthew.  Maybe just a clarification.  Something like Matthew sat back, or Matthew stroked his face before replying or something just to make sure the reader knows who’s speaking.
if I had to grade on a 1 – 5 with 5 being the tops – you’d get the top marks from me.  Well done!

I thought the feedback was great. I made a few changes to the scene and I’ve updated the page to reflect the changes. I think it should read a bit better. Y’all let me know what you think.

The WordSmitten Workshop

The third Thursday of every month is the WordSmitten Workshop on Treasure Island. Wednesday night I drove down to Cape Coral (near Ft. Myers) and picked up Tamalyn so that she could attend it as well. It was great to have her up here in civilization where we have things like writing workshops. *lol*

There were three writers. One was a guy who had turned a genealogy research project of his family into a speculative fiction novel. Awesome stuff, too! His family is Irish and he took his research into what happened commonly in various areas of Irish history and applied it to characters based on his own family. We all read excerpts of our work and we all were quite taken with what he had done. The organizer had great comments and critique for him. Just great stuff.

Tamalyn read an excerpt from the draft she recently finished. In hindsight it wasn’t the best excerpt she could have chosen, though that’s partly my fault for giving her less than stellar advice. (Sorry, Tamalyn.) But it was still very positive overall since the organizer had excellent praise for her dialogue and the way she tells a story. Her critique was for the most part only relevant to the excerpt she chose to read, which was not all that representative of the main body of work, although it was still quite helpful.

I had just finished the first scene of the Prologue to “Mortality, Interrupted” mere hours before the workshop (I’ll be posting it on the “Mortality, Interrupted” page as soon as I finish this blog entry).  I was a little hesitant to read it since it was quite a departure from what I had read at the first workshop last month, but it was well-received. I don’t think it was quite enough material to base much criticism on, but the organizer wants me to finish enough of the draft in three months to be able to start sending out query letters to prospective agents.

In short, she encouraged all of us to consider aggressively pursuing publication, suggesting that all of us have work good enough to be published, and as unlikely as it may seem, I think she might be right! The family saga novel is going to be great. Tamalyn’s work already has a following, and deservedly so. And lately I’ve come to see publication as a realistic goal for myself. So, as unlikely as it seems, all three of us may have spots for our work at your local bookstore!


Okay, I did it.

I finally started to write the Prologue for Mortality, Interrupted, and I’m glad I did. Big thank you to Tamalyn who talked me into leaving my outline half-finished and just writing. She’s actually written books so I try to follow her suggestions. I wrote for a little over an hour before going to bed and I posted it all directly to the page here so you all can read it. Tell me if you think I’m off to a good start.

Outlines suck!!!!

Okay, I had to say it.  Outlines suck, they really do.

I’ve been working on this outline for I think about two weeks now, and I have reached two conclusions:

  1. Outlines suck
  2. I can’t write without them

I’m feeling so much better about this new approach to the story, y’all just don’t know. And with this outline I can see if the plot is going off track before I commit months of writing to a disaster. *lol* But…

I WANT TO WRITE!!!! I want to dive into the draft and get it going!