The WordSmitten Workshop

The third Thursday of every month is the WordSmitten Workshop on Treasure Island. Wednesday night I drove down to Cape Coral (near Ft. Myers) and picked up Tamalyn so that she could attend it as well. It was great to have her up here in civilization where we have things like writing workshops. *lol*

There were three writers. One was a guy who had turned a genealogy research project of his family into a speculative fiction novel. Awesome stuff, too! His family is Irish and he took his research into what happened commonly in various areas of Irish history and applied it to characters based on his own family. We all read excerpts of our work and we all were quite taken with what he had done. The organizer had great comments and critique for him. Just great stuff.

Tamalyn read an excerpt from the draft she recently finished. In hindsight it wasn’t the best excerpt she could have chosen, though that’s partly my fault for giving her less than stellar advice. (Sorry, Tamalyn.) But it was still very positive overall since the organizer had excellent praise for her dialogue and the way she tells a story. Her critique was for the most part only relevant to the excerpt she chose to read, which was not all that representative of the main body of work, although it was still quite helpful.

I had just finished the first scene of the Prologue to “Mortality, Interrupted” mere hours before the workshop (I’ll be posting it on the “Mortality, Interrupted” page as soon as I finish this blog entry).  I was a little hesitant to read it since it was quite a departure from what I had read at the first workshop last month, but it was well-received. I don’t think it was quite enough material to base much criticism on, but the organizer wants me to finish enough of the draft in three months to be able to start sending out query letters to prospective agents.

In short, she encouraged all of us to consider aggressively pursuing publication, suggesting that all of us have work good enough to be published, and as unlikely as it may seem, I think she might be right! The family saga novel is going to be great. Tamalyn’s work already has a following, and deservedly so. And lately I’ve come to see publication as a realistic goal for myself. So, as unlikely as it seems, all three of us may have spots for our work at your local bookstore!


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