Apologies and requests

Hello Alpheans,

I just want to apologize for the slowdown of late. I’ve been a bit sidetracked with trying to get a ‘real’ job and that’s taken some of the steam out of my writing time. I fully intend to put nose to grindstone tonight and at least finish the first scene of the Prologue. If that goes well, I may even start on the second Prologue scene, which would be great.

I also want to take a moment to thank every one of you who have expressed your support. Your enthusiasm for what I’m doing and your encouragement truly keep me going! I had no idea when I started how hard it would be to write a book. Some of you have seen my earlier writing and most of that seemed effortless by comparison, and it truly was. I could write as much of a story as I wanted and when it got to be the least bit difficult I could just wrap it up and stop. No one expected better, so why not? But now the standards are far, far higher and as a result my effort must be much, much more diligent. The fact that so many of you have such high expectations of my work and are so desirous of reading it that you relentlessly pester me for the next installment really holds my feet to the fire and gives me what I need to push through those inevitable moments of doubt, frustration, and fatigue. Should the precious gift of your enthusiastic support falter, this book will not be finished, let alone see print. I beg you all to remain diligent your enthusiasm and your pestering. It is only through such efforts on my behalf that this book will ever be written and submitted for publication.

Again, thank you and please don’t stop.


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