A funny thing happened on the way to writing the last Prologue scene…

[Editor’s Note: This blog entry was written when the content which is now Chapters One through Three was originally going to be the Prologue. But the “Prologue” ran far too long to be a Prologue so I made it the start of the book.  So, the “problem” I complained about in this blog entry was resolved.]

I told some of you that the Prologue was going to comprise 6 scenes and that the scene I was currently working on was the sixth and final scene, bringing the Prologue to a conclusion. Well, it appears that the book has made a liar of me. I just finished the sixth scene and the introductory story of the Prologue just isn’t done. I have this sinking impression that any editor worth their salt would tell me to cut this Prologue in about half, but I hope not because if I have to trim this Prologue as drastically as all that, then I’d probably rather shove an icepick in my eye.

One more scene ought to do it, and before I get to that I’ll go ahead and post Scene Six. It turned out to be a bit more action-oriented than I thought it would be as I sat down to write it. I had in mind an almost Currier & Ives / Norman Rockwell feel for the scene and it did start out that way, but sometimes when you’re writing characters do what the hell they want and things happen that you never considered when you started. And, well, it just happened to me. And now I can safely push the spotlight away from myself and put it where it truly belongs – on the story itself. This story is wanting to be told, it is demanding to be told, and it will be told; but I was foolish to ever think that this was my story or my talent that was creating it. It’s as if this story exists already as a thing and it is simply using me to bring itself into the world. It may be my fingers on the keyboard but I’ve just realized that I’m simply along for the ride, same as you.

I wonder what the hell these people are going to do next…

One response to “A funny thing happened on the way to writing the last Prologue scene…

  1. You are really working this. Hope they don’t want you to change it. as I have said I do find it odd to find a prologue this long but it’s you baby and it is a great read.

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