The need to reorganize

[Editor’s note: This blog entry explains where the change from “prologue” to “story” occurred.]

It has become apparent to many of you that this Prologue has gotten out of control. Currently, it is comprised of seven(!) scenes and about 8,500 words. That is not prologue. That is story.

So, since this material has revealed itself to be story rather than prologue, what I need to do is reorganize what I’ve written a little bit. Now, I’m not going to do any editing. To fix this WILL require editing, but that’s for later. I have to edit the draft anyway so I will ignore the temptation to edit now. After I finish the entire draft THEN I will edit the entire draft from start to finish and do all of the first edit together. What I’m going to do NOW is simply reorganize the draft in its current state and separate all of these scenes into the chapters where they belong. I have several chapters’ worth of material here, so I have plenty to work with. When I finish doing that I’ll update the website here to reflect the changes.

Thanks for listening!

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