Sometimes, taking a long break can have unforeseen benefits

Hello, Alpheans!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but as many of you know, I have been up to my neck in political activism and have stepped back from my writing to focus on that. But putting this project on the back-burner for an extended period of time provided some distance and helped me develop some new (and hopefully better) perspectives.

Some of the feedback I got from some of you and from workshops I’ve attended (I still go when I can), has addressed some weaknesses in the beginning of the draft, namely that the prologue is too long and some of the action in the prologue is unclear. While thinking about this it occurred to me that the opening of the book would be better if it focused upon the central character. The more I read the draft (and I do re-read it from time to time), the more confusing it is that we know so little about the central character during the early chapters.

Taking these things together, I have decided that the best remedy will be to write a new Prologue focusing on the central character, exposing her just a bit more (I don’t want to lose the sense of mystery about her, either, which I think is an essential aspect of what’s been written so far). Then, I will expand the current Prologue and add clarifying detail and rename it Chapter One and re-number the chapters accordingly.

What do y’all think?


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