Chapter 1 – Scene Three is now edited – New Chapter One draft finished!

Hello, Alpheans!

I just finished editing Chapter 1 – Scene Three which finishes this round of editing for Chapter One. There is also a slight edit for Chapter Two – Scene Three, as I decided to move a bit of the mob’s singing from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2. I think that will tie the continuity together a bit better and keep the song lyrics in Chapter 1 from becoming too tedious.

I incorporated quite a few edits here. I kept the name changes consistent. (If I missed any, do let me know.) A lot of feedback I received over the past few months was implemented and I came up with a few on my own. This is definitely not the last edit by a long shot. This is just to “repair the draft” if you will. The “real” edits come later after I finish the draft entirely. But this will get me back on track with the storyline, hopefully.

Let me know if you think I improved it!


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