More from The Jezebel Diaries…

Hello, Alpheans!

I always said that I would post more from ‘The Jezebel Diaries’ if I received enough requests for it. Last night I had a request from a new Alphean and I think that’s enough to call it a consensus. I really appreciate the interest. I hesitated to post it because, despite some writing that I’m quite proud of, I think that on the whole it shows a lack of cohesiveness and some amateurish storytelling, with a meandering plot. I didn’t yet know (though I soon realized) how challenging it would be to write a novel from only the central character’s viewpoint and restricted to a very limited setting. It was like choosing to duplicate the genius of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Lifeboat’ as my very first project. What is it they say? That fools walk where angels fear to tread?

But, for those who want to know the more ‘traditionally vampiric’ roots of the ‘Mortality, Interrupted’ story, this is it. All six chapters I wrote are here, and the same password I have given out for ‘Mortality, Interrupted’ will unlock the pages for ‘The Jezebel Diaries’. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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