Slight reorganization and a new page (with more to follow)

Hello, Alpheans!

I’ve noticed some confused looks on some faces when I call the site “Alpheus, the Underground Stream”. I decided that I would try to rectify that by providing some material about the allegorical reference and its significance to the Mortality, Interrupted story.

Some of you who have read the article “Realm of the Ring Lords” by Laurence Gardner on this site might recall noticing that there was a reference to it there. But apart from that brief mention, there is no real explanation anywhere.

To address that, I’ve created a new “WHAT IS ALPHEUS, THE UNDERGROUND STREAM” section on the website. It’s in the menu on the left-hand side below the “WEBSITE ESSENTIALS” section. I then wrote a new page with an explanation of the allegory, how it came to be applied, and why it’s significant to the Mortality, Interrupted story. Then, I moved the “Realm of the Ring Lords” article to the same section and grouped it below the new page.

Hopefully, that should get things started and make things easier to understand. As I find more relevant articles that fit the theme, I’ll post them in this section.



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