Fan Fiction

Okay, Alpheans… do you want to know a personal definition of “pathetic” for an aspiring writer? How about writing your own ‘fan fiction’?

Yes, I’ll give you all some time to stop laughing maniacally.

For those of you who may not be aware, ‘fan fiction’ is material written by people who are fans of an author’s work that’s based upon their work. Some of the most popular authors have thriving communities of fans and many write stories that are derivative of the author’s work that they enjoy.

So, how does that fit in with me? Well, to answer that question I have to go back to how this whole writing thing started, particularly the story I’m focused upon writing now.

It started from a character I created for role-playing, a vampire named Jezebel. I won’t go into detail, but the personality I created for the vampire Jezebel is the basis for the personality of the central character in ‘Mortality, Interrupted’.  Sometimes, when I need to get my mind back into the character I go back to portraying her in roleplaying games. It immerses me into her character, presenting me with hypothetical situations I can’t predict, and it forces me to react to them as she would.

When I do this, I like to present background material for those I’ll be interacting with. I like to do this by writing little introductory stories showing how Jezebel arrives in the setting where the roleplay will be happening. I had just finished such a story on how Jezebel arrives in an alternate-version of 1890s London and it dawned upon me:

I’m writing fan-fiction of my own stuff!!


One response to “Fan Fiction

  1. I LOVE it! LOL! Hmm. Maybe I should try it. It might get me to the end of my REAL story.

    BTW – my meeting has been moved to 1:30 on Saturday. Same place, same bat channel. that is, if you want or can come. The meetings are free now – at least for awhile.

    Hope to see you there and keep writing your fan fiction. I mean, if you’re not a fan of your own writing, no one else will be, either.

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