Beginning updated with a new edit

Hello, Alpheans!

I just edited the “Beginning of the Book” page. It’s the first edit and I’ve incorporated some of the suggestions that were made and I appreciate the feedback. Your comments have really helped me to improve it, I think. I reduced the length of the setting introduction at the beginning to get into the conversation faster. Hopefully that will help the beginning from dragging and “set the hook” a little faster.

Huge thanks to Denise (usually the first to comment on my writing) and my fellow writers at the Palm Harbor School of the Novel and the Clearwater Writers’ Group for their excellent feedback. I’m sure you all will see some of the improvements you recommended. You all really put me squarely on track to continue.

Now to connect this new beginning to the previous one, filling in the remaining plot gaps, and fleshing out the skeletal scenes in Chapter 1. Then I think I’ll have a solid start for the book and after nailing down some more research I should be able to pick up at the orphanage where I left off. I can hardly wait!

Thanks again, everyone, for all of your help!


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