More edits coming…

Hello Alpheans,

I said quite some time ago that some of the names in the draft were Anglo-American names and were just being used as convenient placeholders until I could devote the time to research more appropriate names for the time and place of the story. I’m pleased to announce that I did that last night and I have made the changes in my master draft which I will be porting over to the website in the next couple of days.

But here is a list of the names which have been changed:

Count Viktor is now:
Viktor Piros, Count of Kolozsvár

Baron Friedrich is now:
Lázár Tatári, Baron of Tatár

Baroness Anna is now:
Anna Tatári, Baroness of Tatár

Lord Samuel is now:
Péter Tatári, Baronial Prince of Tatár

Jasper (the butler) is now:
Laszlo Feher

Thomas is now:
Tomas Jo

John Merriwether (Torda barkeep) is now:
Kristof Hideg

Daniel Paris (The Baron’s Constable) is now:
Constable Filep Melles

Julia (The Baroness’ Chambermaid) is now:
Margareta Fekete

Charles Rózsa is now:
Pál Rózsa

Dmitri Corvin is now:
Demetri Corvin (only a spelling change was required)

Anna Corvin is now:
Krisztina Corvin

And those I think are the most prominent characters written so far. Thanks. I have tried to choose Hungarian names that are accurate but also not so foreign-sounding to the English ear that they distract from the story. I’m relying on feedback from you all to make sure that I’m being successful.

Thanks again, you folks have been great!


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