I need a new Bob

Guess what, Alpheans!

Like it says in the subject line, I need a new ‘Bob’. What’s a Bob? It’s what I’ve taken to calling the ‘Beginning of the book’. I like what I have now as an introduction to the town of Torda setting, but again I find that I need to back up the story a bit (mainly because I keep asking the dangerous question: ‘But what happened before that?’). The new Bob will start the book by focusing on the Hungarian capital of Buda and I’ll be moving the confrontation between the Count and the Baron to the new Bob and expanding it. Then I’ll shift the focus to the town of Torda and the events there which will largely be what I have now.

Thanks everyone!

3 responses to “I need a new Bob

  1. Tristan,
    I think you are very hard on your self. You are doing very well.

  2. Instead of thinking about a new BOB, how about getting a new END? 🙂 🙂
    you are way too hard on yourself. If I may offer some advice, finish the book and then go back and fix. There is such a calm in knowing the novel is finished. Once you reach that part, the cleaning up and the editing seems to ‘fix’ itself, if that make sense. If I were you, I’d sit back, say Bob, meet End and then go from there. You’ll be amazed at how much you really have accomplished.

    you’re a great writer. believe in that and keep going.

  3. I had no idea I was being hard on myself, actually. But I’ll feel much better writing forward when I have a sense of the start being written. Besides, I’m still doing some research, the outcome of which will affect what I write going forward. But you’re both right in that I need to just take a deep breath and dive in. I can fix inconsistencies in editing, like you say. I’ve just GOT to get this down so I can start polishing it.

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