Chapter 2 – Scene Two is FINISHED!!


Well, I got through the dinner scene! Now I’ll be turning my attention to the next scene. Chapter 2 seems to be shaping up to be a long one. My chapters tend to average at about 3,000 words, but so far Chapter 2 stands at over 4,500 words and I have at least two more scenes planned. Once I get them both written, I’ll see if what I have might be better split into two chapters as I’m beginning to suspect.

Oh, a note about notation: In Chapter 2 – Scene Two I use brackets “[ ]” on two occasions close together. These indicate to me (and to those reading the draft) that there is information that will need to be placed in those brackets later during editing but rely on research that isn’t yet finished. I have more research to do on Medieval Hungarian cuisine but I don’t want to bog down the writing with it right now.

Anyway, I hope that my ending for the dinner scene works. Please let me know. You all have been doing GREAT!


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