CAUTION: Construction Zone!

Hello everyone,

As I continue to work on this draft, I’m reminded of the old adage that legislation, like sausage, is something people really wouldn’t want to see being made. I’m thinking that this draft of my first book might be something like that, too. I’ve written scenes and re-written scenes. I’ve changed names, locations, settings, and time periods. I’ve inserted new scenes into the middle of ‘completed’ chapters and moved scenes forward and back. It’s sometimes confusing even to me where various parts of my book stand from day to day. If I didn’t have a kick-ass (and FREE!) writing program (yWriter 5 from Spacejock Software by Simon Haynes – how’s that for a plug, Simon?) I would be a complete mess!

But I decided a long time ago that the best thing I could do for those of you who are supporting me and encouraging me is to let you watch this thing grow, to give you something like back-stage access so you can see how your input becomes a part of it, to show you how your efforts help me write this story. It’s my first crack at this, too. I had no idea when I started how messy this could get and I still have no idea if it will get messier still before it’s done. This is a journey of discovery for all of us and I want you all along for the ride to wherever it leads. If I get this story as good as I can write it and none of the publishers want to pick it up, I’ll be very disappointed, but I’ll have some vanity press somewhere run us all some copies of it anyway and we can all have something to hold in our hands and say “WE DID THIS”.

But to get back to what this blog entry is about in a more specific sense, I’m re-writing a scene I’ve written before, the scene where the baronial family is returning to Torda. I cannibalized this scene for conversation that now appears earlier in the story; but now I still need this scene to happen, but with the content I’ve since added I now need to plug different conversation into it to reflect how the story has changed since I first wrote this scene back in August.

But this has a domino effect in that material I’ve already written is getting moved around to accommodate these changes. Chapter 3, in particular, is radically different; and some scenes are now grouped with scenes they weren’t associated with before in a reshuffling of those scenes into an altered presentation. I’ve lived with some of these scenes for so long that I can’t tell if these changes are an improvement or not. My guess is that they are, but I feel very uncertain about the new chapter/scene lineup because I just can’t look at it with a perspective that’s detached enough to be able to tell me that. So, once I get all of this finished, hopefully you all will be able to look at it with fresh eyes and tell me what you think.

Thank you!!!!!!!


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