A special Thanksgiving message – PLEASE READ

Hey everyone!

I want to express a sincere “thank you” to all of you for the MASSIVE support you’ve given me. Please don’t underestimate how much that helps to keep me going. Having a story inside that you’re dying to tell is only the first part of writing that first book. Believing that there are people that are just as eager to read it is critical to overcoming the natural doubts that every new writer must face. Quite literally, this book could never be written without every one of you encouraging me to write it.

For creative people with innate talent, conjuring a compelling story isn’t the hard part. It’s fleshing out the details and putting them down on paper in a manner that unfolds naturally for the reader that’s hard. That’s not so much talent as it is skill. Someone can be the most creative person on earth, but if they lack that skill, their fantastic story will still fall flat as a board and be just as tasty. Writing is a blend of talent and skill. Creative talent, you’re either born with, or you’re not; and there’s nothing special about a person that has it over someone who doesn’t. Writing, though, is a skill that no one is born with and can only be learned. Commercially-viable writers, then, must be born with creative talent. If they have that, they must then learn the skill of writing if they want to have a shot at commercial success.

I thrive on the praise I am given and I’m grateful to each one of you who, by coming to this site and reading my story and posting comments on these pages, invest your precious time and attention on my efforts. Don’t think that because you might not be a writer that your input couldn’t have value. In fact, it’s the opposite that’s true. Your input is invaluable because you are readers first and foremost. Books aren’t written for writers, they’re written for readers. I need input from a broad spectrum of readers to know whether I am on track or not. Without that input I have no rudder by which to steer. Input from fellow writers can tell me how to improve my writing skills in very concrete ways, but only input from readers can tell me with absolute clarity what I need to work on.

I’m still at the early stages of learning the skills of writing. That’s not being self-deprecating, nor is it false humility. I have a great deal to learn and I have a great deal of work to do to become the kind of writer I believe I can someday be. As we prepare for Thanksgiving this week, I want to give thanks to each and every one of you who are playing such a critical role in my development as a writer. If I should beat the odds and become a commercial success in the future, it will be because each of you cared enough to help me become successful, and no value can be placed on something that precious.

Financially, I’m broke; but I’m living fairly comfortably because of my incredible luck at being born into a charitable and loving family. Unlike many in my shoes, I don’t go hungry and my worries over money are not overwhelming. My life has zero frills, but I’m getting by okay. I’m eternally grateful to my family for their support and if I ‘make it’ as a writer I will have a whole host of people to thank for it. But for even getting this far I have all of you who have supported me with your thoughtful comments and heartfelt encouragement to be thankful for. I don’t just think about this on Thanksgiving, but every day whether I write that day or not. But on a day set aside for the sole purpose of giving thanks, how can I not take the extra time to express in detail what I feel every day?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


5 responses to “A special Thanksgiving message – PLEASE READ

  1. I envy you for having the guts and fortitude to put yourself out there to let your talent be judged. I, as a reader, have judged you to have talent. Ha.
    Looking forward to reading more.
    Isn’t that what a writer wants. 🙂
    Keep up the good work William and have a very thankful Thanksgiving.

  2. very well said, my friend. It is a pleasure to know you and to see and help (in whatever small measure) your dream to unfold.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Thank you for your words. It is good for us all to remember that whatever we have it is probably more than someone else. I want to add that I am thankful for true friends like you. My 2 great sons who have given me love and reasons in multitudes to be thankful and blessed.. Peace and love,

  4. Thank You for the Heart felt thoughts and the enjoyable story You are telling. Hope You continue on Your journey with great success!!! ❤

  5. Love that you still writing its all beautiful call me please and tell me more lol 269 1489

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