So good to feel like I’m ‘moving forward’

Hey, everyone.

Just a quick note to report that tonight I’m working on… wait for it… Chapter 8! YES! For the first time in months I feel the sheer elation of feeling like I’m ‘writing forward’ rather than ‘fixing backward’. I am, as promised, picking up the story of our central character at the orphanage. I want to thank all of you who put up with me going back to address my concerns about the beginning that ‘just weren’t right’. Not that it wasn’t ‘good’. It just wasn’t ‘right’. I just felt that without that foundation of a solid beginning I was unsettled and apprehensive in my writing, not sure if it would all ‘fit’ correctly, nervous about creating logical inconsistencies and continuity errors, like I was coming into the middle of my own movie. But now that the beginning feels much better and all of the gaps are filled, I feel much more comfortable picking up where I left off at the orphanage and I’ve written almost 200 words already. A slow pace, even for me, but it’s coming back. And now, as the central character, now called “Elizabeth” (or sometimes “Liza”) continues to recover from her injuries, I’ll be able to benefit from all of that character work in the earlier chapters to really find her ‘voice’. Thanks again, for bearing with me. I think it will have been worth it.


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