Lord Péter has vanished! (But not to worry…)

Hello everyone,

After some careful thought I’ve decided that I have to let Lord Péter go. I don’t have a compelling reason for him to be in the story. He has only been a bantering partner for Zsaka and that just doesn’t make him valuable enough to keep. So, I’m removing him from the master draft and editing the dialogue and story to reflect the change. Some of his actions and dialogue will be spoken and performed by other characters and some of it will simply be removed as unnecessary. Doing this will tighten things up a little bit and make for one less character for readers to keep track of. It will also make later parts of the plot easier to write if I don’t have to account for his presence in the story. So – “Alas, poor Péter! We knew him”… not so well, actually.


2 responses to “Lord Péter has vanished! (But not to worry…)

  1. I think it works. And you are the writer here

  2. Thanks. It came about as I was giving thought to what I could do with him (if anything) later in the story after Count Viktor’s treachery became apparent, and I realized that, unlike the other characters, I knew very little about him. He was just a caustic smart-ass who seemed to have anything but brotherly love for Zsaka, and she was getting enough opposition from the Baron and Baroness. I was trying to flesh him out a bit in my mind, to get an idea of what more there could be about him, but I wasn’t getting anything at all.

    So, it occurred to me that the problem may be that he just isn’t a character the story needs and that’s why nothing about him was coming to me. So, I’ve taken him out and the story does seem to be a bit tighter, a bit more streamlined. I think I like it better, but when I post the updates later (much later) y’all can let me know what you think.

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