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Considering a change in Chapters 11 & 12…

Hey, everyone!

I had a thought recently that adds a new and more-compelling level of intensity to the storyline I’ve already written (as Chapters 11 & 12) and posted (only Chapter 11, so far). I’m going to try to write it out over the next couple of days and see if it compares as favorably to what I’ve already written as I currently think it will. If so, then I’ll post it here and try to get your feedback.



Mortality Interrupted pages should now be correct

Hello, everyone:

I spent all night making trying to make sure that the web pages all match the new chapter/scene organization and are all updated to current. No, I’m not complaining. I was doing laundry anyway, so this gave me something to do while the machines did their work. Those of you reading this, if you could do me a huge favor and re-read the story and make sure I haven’t overlooked anything, I’d be immensely grateful.

I’m working on the second part of the novel now, and I’m very excited to have the first part finished. That means that I shouldn’t have to revisit the first 10 chapters until I start focusing on editing the completed draft. That gives me quite a sense of accomplishment.

I’ve also decided to start at the Chapter 1 for readings at the writing workshops, but I won’t be performing any of the suggested edits until I finish the draft. I’m going to just document them in my writing program and refer to them when I get to the editing stage. It sure will be nice to deal with an organized (finally!) selection of 10 chapters to read for my workshop groups!

Thanks, everyone! However many people are still following me, I really appreciate every single one of you.


Slight structural change for Chapter 11

Hey, everyone:

While re-reading what I had written for Chapter 11 I realized that Scene 3 wasn’t a separate scene from Scene 2, so I’ve combined them.

Writing without a net! Scene Three of Chapter 11 is now posted!

Hey everyone!

I’m in the part of the book that I think a lot of writers hate, the part I keep hearing called, “the dreaded middle“. I’m starting to get an idea of why it’s called that. The nature of storytelling seems to be that for most stories, it’s easy to think of how you want to start it, and you’re pretty sure you know how you want it to end, it’s filling in the middle in a way that makes sense and tells a good story that gets a little tricky.

So, that’s where I feel like I am. I’ve written beyond where I’ve outlined now, so I have only the vaguest idea of how to get from where the story is now to the end I have in mind. It will be very interesting from here on in. Then again, the whole process has been an incredible adventure – and it’s still the beginning!

So, take a look at Chapter 11 – Scene Three, and tell me what you think. I’m doing some daring things, so please let me know if I’m going too far.


Chapter 11 – Scene Two is posted!

Hey all!

I’ve been up all night – as usual – only this time I’ve been unusually productive. Chapter 11 – Scene Two is posted! A scene with DRAMA! EXCITEMENT! And hopefully not much BLECHH! (Hey, I was really tired through most of the writing of this!)

I can’t wait to hear feedback on this one.

I forgot the link to the new Scene! Bad geek! No cookie!

Chapter 11 – Scene One

And, as a reward to everyone for not complaining, I’m adding new BONUS MATERIAL to the scene!

Finally new territory!

Hello, everyone!

I finally have the first part of the novel solid enough to write forward. (I know, it’s been too long coming, but I made it!) It’s a short scene, but it sets the stage and that’s all it needs to do. I’ll admit that I’m a bit unclear right now about how exactly the next part of the story unfolds, so it should be a mystery to all of us. It’s mainly this chapter and possibly the next that I’m a bit unclear on, but after that I should be on more solid footing.

On a side note, most of you will notice that there is a jump from Chapter 8 to Chapter 11. No, there’s nothing missing. I just haven’t updated the Alpheus website to account for the organizational changes I’ve made to the text (it’s a LOT of tedious work). Once I make those changes the part of the story that’s currently at the end of Chapter 8 will be at the end of Chapter 10 and everything will line up again.

Anyway, I hope this new bit works. Please let me know.