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Chapter 12 – Scene One is posted

Hello. Long night. Dead brain. All words used up. Need sleep. To read Chapter 12 – Scene One: CLICK HERE.


Finally! Chapter 11 is rewritten and posted! Chapter 12 is coming.

Hello, everyone!

I’m very excited about this new direction and new organization for the book. Since the events, the time frame, and the setting changes so dramatically in Chapter 11, Chapter 1 through Chapter 10 will comprise Part One, and Chapter 11 will start Part Two. I’ve also finally rewritten Chapter 11 to set up the new plot idea which I’ll be revealing in Chapter 12. I hope you all like the rewrite. I’m pretty excited about it and where it’s going.

Writing Tip: Never delete ANYTHING!

I’ve heard this a lot and started following it as soon as I heard it. This must be the dozenth time it has saved my bacon. I wrote a scene months ago (and it was posted here on the site), but my plan for the plot changed and I was no longer able to use it. But with the new plot I found a situation similar enough that I was able to reuse it, making appropriate modifications to make it match the new plot. It seems to work pretty well. I’ll get it posted up after a while, since I’ve got errands and political meetings today, but I hadn’t posted in a while and wanted y’all to know what I was up to and that I am still working on the novel.