Monthly Archives: April 2011

Well, they say when you hit a dead-end… turn around

Something isn’t right about what I’ve written for Part 2 so far. After writing the three scenes for Chapter 11 and one scene for Chapter 12, I found myself at a dead end. I struggled to find where the story should go from there. Everything I did manage to write wasn’t ‘right’ once I looked at it. The writing itself wasn’t bad, all things considered. It was the story that, while compelling, didn’t have the ring of believability it needs.

Essentially, I’m moving Zsaka’s character development much too fast, and by doing so I’ve broken believability and torpedoed her likability. So, I need to completely reassess what Part 2 is going to look like and what the storyline will include.

This is probably what created my writers’ block. I probably sensed subconsciously that I was taking the story in the wrong direction and that’s why I couldn’t think of what should happen next. Hopefully, by putting the focus back on Zsaka’s development as a character the writers’ block will iron itself out.