*tapping the mic* “Hey, is this thing on?”

Hello, everyone!

I can hear you all gasping from here, but yes. I’m still alive! *LOL*

When last we met on this site I was lamenting that I had no idea how to reverse course and get my plot back on track. I decided to put the project on the back burner while I focused on other things. I got to work on starting up a business. I’m trying to establish a charitable service organization. I got involved in a national political campaign. I put about as much distance as I could between myself and the problem, which often is exactly what I need to break through such problems.

Well, I’m very happy to announce that after six months of trying to figure out how to backtrack my plot I have no idea of how to do that. So, why am I so happy?

Because I’m not going to backtrack. I’ve come to realize that the problem isn’t the plot at all. It’s the pacing. That’s something I can fix in editing. Right now, this is the draft. The ugly first draft. It’s supposed to suck. So, I’m going to soldier on. Now, between sporadic jobs and campaign events I’ll be turning my attention back to this novel. It’s my first novel so a bumpy ride is to be expected. I’m just pleased to have you all along for this ride. Being a writer is hard and having people with me makes it feel a little less harsh. Thank you all for sticking with me.


2 responses to “*tapping the mic* “Hey, is this thing on?”

  1. Always here as your writer pal, Tristan. This is a great novel. When the time is right, it will see the light of day. Keep forging on. We’re all egging you on. You will finish and it will be worth the wait. If you need administrative help with the charity, keep me in mind. I’m still hunting for a job.

  2. Great to hear from you, Tristan! I love your story, so am pleased you won’t be making too many changes. Hope you make it back to Clearwater Writers Meet-Up one of these days! I’m trying to establish a ghost-hunting business that will operate as a not-for-profit, so lots to talk about. Take care!

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