A writing contest? Am I insane? What is ROW80 and what am I doing to myself?









ROW80 is:    A Round Of Words in 80 days.


Here’s the skinny: (from the ROW80 blog)

  • We have 4 rounds a year, each running 80 days.  
  • Your goal can be anything you like as long as it is measurable (e.g. number of words/pages, specified amount of time to spend on writing per day/week, number of pages edited, etc.–for more on what makes a measurable goal, see this post).
  • Once you have settled on a goal, you write it up on your blog (yes, you must have one) and link to it on the Goals Linky for the Round, which will be posted on the ROW80 Blog.
  • If your goal changes before the end of the 80 days, simply write up a new goals post and link to it on the latest check-in day.
  • We have check-ins twice a week on Wednesday and Sundays where you will update us the same way (e.g. write up a blog post of your progress and link to it on that day’s linky).
  • On Twitter we use a hashtag of #ROW80 if you wanna come hang out
  • And if you happen to find us after a round has begun, just write up your goals post and hop on in whenever.  We’re a friendly bunch.
  • Be sure to grab the ROW80 badge from the sidebar on the ROW80 Blog.

Round 4 begins October 3rd.

Now, what’s my goal?

I want to establish an outline for the middle section of Mortality, Interrupted and continue the draft through to 65,000 words (I’m currently at about 34,000).

Everyone wish me luck! (I SO need it!)


8 responses to “A writing contest? Am I insane? What is ROW80 and what am I doing to myself?

  1. Awesome goal, Tristan. I know you can do it. I want to read the finished product before I die, okay???? 🙂 *wink*

  2. Good luck, Tristan….you’ll get there and do a great job!! 🙂

  3. Well, look at you! That was fast. Not much of a procrastinator, huh! Good luck! Look forward to hearing from you!

  4. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the support so much!

  5. Best of luck, my friend.

  6. Love your choice of vampiric art.

  7. Luck? Do U really need it? I do not think so, I think U already have it….”bizarre” as it is……so U say. LOL Stand Quietly in a darkened room, facing East, raise Ur arms up to resemble a cross, close Ur eyes, BREATH deeply as if pulling the very essence of the Earth Mother into U, focus on what it is U want to accomplish, allow all thoughts to flow freely to U and thru U. After several minutes U should feel, dare I say “buzzed” LOL and full of words….oh yeah, did I mention that U should Invite Ur Muse to join with U. Good Luck B. thu I know it is already within U. ;~)

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