Important news: Is my writing marketable? We may soon find out.

Hello, everyone!

I decided against saying anything about this until afterward, but I had a meeting today with a local film and television producer with whom I’m well-acquainted.  I don’t want to suggest that the meeting was something it’s not, and it was not a film or television deal, and it was never going to be. He was simply curious to know if I have any projects that are in the early stages of development that might translate well to either the large or small screen.

The meeting was very productive. He seemed to be of the opinion that either Mortality, Interrupted or Royal Redemption might, once finished, be suitable for film adaptation. He asked me to keep him in the loop as the stories are written, which of course I will do. So, the upshot is, something might happen with this, and of course it would be phenomenally awesome if it did. So, there is potentially something to be excited about, but time will tell.


5 responses to “Important news: Is my writing marketable? We may soon find out.

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed baby.

  2. keep us posted and good luck

  3. A large part of finishing any project is incentive. I’d say this feedback should give you plenty of that! Congratulations and good luck!

  4. Well, if this isn’t a kick in the butt, I don’t know what is! Get them finished, kid! The world is waiting for you.

  5. Thanks a lot, everyone. Now it’s Mr. Nose meet Mr. Grindstone. 🙂

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