New Layout & Feedback Request

Hello everyone,

As most of you are probably aware, how things are positioned on a web page mean a lot, and I pay a great deal of attention to that kind of stuff. I’ve been using an approach that sought to put the most important and currently-relevant things I’m doing with my writing at the top, which in my amateurish way I have just assumed is how it’s supposed to be done. And so, I had website-specific items on the left and my writing projects themselves on the right, with my current writing project at the top and decreasing in priority from there.

Since I’m focusing fairly equally on both writing projects now, I’ve decided to reflect that shift in focus in the site’s layout. Since neither project outweighs the other, I can no longer put them both in the same column, one above the other, as I have previously done. So, I’ve decided to put the site-specific content and links to the Mortality, Interrupted project on the left, with the site-specific items at the top, and the blog-specific content and links to the Royal Redemption project on te right, with the blog-specific content at the top.

I hope this reflects my change in priorities without being too confusing. Due to my familiarity with the content, though, I can’t be certain how such changes are perceived, so any comments and suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

Thanks so much!

UPDATE: I also expanded the top menu, which I hope will make navigating the site a bit easier. Next, I’ll add hyperlinks to the writing pages which will allow people to click through from one scene directly to the next. That may cut down some on the comments people decide to add, but I’d rather make the reading experience easier. I’ll work on that tonight.

4 responses to “New Layout & Feedback Request

  1. It’s beautiful, the layout. Nice flow and easy to find that which one seeks. The only *slight* negative (for older eyes, like mine) is the white text on black screen. The blue on black looks very good. And I love the artistry of characters. 🙂

  2. Oh, okay. Thank you for that. I’ll see what I can do to change that within the constraints of the template I’m using. (I don’t like the white text, either.)

  3. I think it works really, really well. It would be nice if you could find a common license/free photo or invest in one that really reflects your stories. More of a fantasy feel for your type characters and stories. You may want to look at textured backgrounds (you can find these for free) that adds a little dimension to the site.

    Also, there is a type to the left under Mortality Interrupted (Part Two). Mortality is misspelled. Very important for a writer’s site to look for all typos and boo boos.

    Another great thing to do with your blog is to interview other authors in the fantasy genre, support other authors and write about other things than your stories. I’m not saying don’t promote your stories, and you should by all means. But, to get the following you want, you have to ‘help’ others just like you. You’ll get a following and a support group so when it’s your time to shine, you have all these peeps who will be happy to return the favor.

    Write about other things than you story like why you write fantasy. What is your background? What drives you to write the stories you do? Why do you like the strong female leads? You can give advice you’ve learned the hard way to up and coming authors. Expand yourself.

    Also, there is a lot of controversy out there about how much of your material is considered published that you put on your blog or website. Be careful. when you post your work on a blog or website, lots of publishers consider it ‘published’. If you are ever going to go the traditional publishing route, you may want to reconsider just how much you have here. And, if you do have it here, password protect it so only a few chosen, such as your beta readers, can see it. Make sure you make note on the site that only beta readers have access to the password protected pages. That way it clearly defines why your work is posted and that it is not for publishing purposes, but for critiques.

  4. Jen, as always you have phenomenal advice. All of that makes perfect sense and I’ll get right on doing all of that. Thank you so much. 🙂

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