Bright House… How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


Nope. Still at ZERO.

As most of you know, the genre of my primary project is Alternative History. Somewhat speculative, somewhat paranormal, but definitely alternative. To do this right, the better job I do of getting the actual history right, the more genuine and believable the fictional history will be. This takes research. LOTS and LOTS of research. Wikipedia may not be suitable for academic purposes, but for novel research, it’s plenty sufficient, in my opinion.

So, when I lose internet access, it’s a very serious problem. My internet perormance had been steadily declining over the previous couple of weeks, but it happened gradually so I scarcely noticed it. But when I suddenly couldn’t navigate to any websites at all the other night, I was in a bind. It’s hard to plot things according to when a particular king reigned when you can’t look up the years of his reign, and it’s hard to do research on which medieval families were in the same political faction if you can’t use the internet. As I’m at the point of creating the plot, losing my internet access the other night left me dead in the water, and my access has been sporadic ever since.

Bright House is my service provider and the earliest they could get a technician out was today. The guy seemed fairly sharp (surprisingly) and said he had several similar complaints from my area, indicating that there was a problem with their pole equipment or trunk cable. They started a trouble ticket on the issue and they’ll get to that in 24 – 48 hours. Great.

Meanwhile, if my posts or replies seem a bit slow, that’s why. Thanks for listening to me gripe. I’m not usually such a downer, but even Pooh had a down day once in a while.


5 responses to “Bright House… How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  1. Do you have comcast?? They came out right away and fixed my computer problem pronto. Also did you check to make sure you didn’t pick up a virus. I had to get a new computer a few months back for this very problem. Good Luck

    • Both my desktop computer and laptop computer had the same connection issue happen at the same time and the Bright House tech was able to verify that it’s a signal strength problem originating with their equipment on the pole.
      They have a heavy duty crew scheduled to come out to the pole to fix the problem.

  2. Hello Mr. Berry! I’m Chris and I work for Bright House Networks. Let me know how it works out.

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