Daily Archives: June 14, 2012

Progress is precious

Hey everyone,

I’m still working on the plot on ‘MI’ and I will be for some time to come. his part is actually very research-intensive and it’s painstaking, but this is the part I have to make sure I get right because it will be much more difficult to change things once I get this down and start writing to it.

In the research I’m looking for historical patterns as I follow various European noble families, watching to see which families are aligned together and which are in competition with each other; which families are aligned with the thrones of different kingdoms; where dynasties come together and separate again, and furthermore how these families interact with the Papacy as the power of the Vatican struggles against the Orthodox Church and then the Ottoman Empire, eventually coming to dominate European monarchies for hundreds of years.

There will be a huge payoff if I can get this right, but it’s going to require really drilling down into the history of these families in a period where not a lot is easily accessible. Wish me luck!