POLL: After the website update, what would YOU like to see?

Hello, everyone! Another update!

I know that most of you are wondering what’s gotten into me lately. Two posts in two days?! I know, but I felt like I needed to make some changes to the website to reflect the recent decicions I’ve made. I’ve removed the links to my WiPs (works in progress) from the page template. They’re still on the site and can be navigated to if you have the links, but I’ve decided not to provide links to them since I’m making such sweeping changes as I just don’t think it would be fair.

On the Royal Redemption story, I’ve decided to also get the pantheon of dieties involved in the story. That will also enrich things, I think. That WiP will also need a new title.

A question for you all…

I have a lot of work to do as far as working on the plot. My question to you all is, would you like for me to blog about that process and solicit input and feedback from you about it, or would you rather wait as I do all the plotting and just read through the initial draft as I write it? Just so you know, with school and such, it could be a long wait before I am able to start working on the draft.

What would you like to see on the site?


One response to “POLL: After the website update, what would YOU like to see?

  1. Well, after a full week of voting, the response has been overwhelming; and after all three votes have been recorded, tabulated, and certified by a nonexistent and impartial third party, the result is unanimous!

    So, I’ll be blogging about the process as it happens, and thanks to all three of you who are still hanging in there after all this time, urging me on and supporting me. You truly are worth gold to me. In all seriousness, thank you.

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