Sound the trumpets! I’ve made a… DECISION!!!

Yes, I thought I may as well just own the fact that I’m indecisive. *LOL* Now, on to what I’ve decided…

As everyone knows, both of my projects have been receiving attention from me in a fairly even-handed fashion lately, with both projects being radically revamped conceptually. When it comes to moving forward on these projects, obviously I will need to choose to work on one first and then the other. Trying to work on both at the same time would be just insanely stupid. No good writer divides their focus and attention like that.

After giving the issue a lot of thought regarding which of these two projects I want to focus upon first I’ve decided that the dark fantasy project, No Redemption for the Wicked, is where I’m going to start.

My reasoning is similar to what it was before. Of the two projects, the paranormal alternative history will be the more difficult because of the research required. There will be some world-building as there is with every novel, but a lot of the world-building for The Immortal Countess Bathory will have to be mindful of historical accuracy. No, not a slave to it, but mindful of it. With the fantasy world I’ll be using for NRftW, there may be a TON more world-building to do, but there is no actual real history it needs to be reconciled to; my fantasy world is what I say it is. It may be more work, but it will be easier work and closely-aligned to skills I already know I have from the world-building I used to do for creating role-playing adventures for Dungeons & Dragons. So, I will be starting with No Redemption for the Wicked as my first novel project.

The things I learn as I go through the process of plotting, drafting, editing, and eventually publishing the first NRftW novel will be the best possible preparation I could have for developing the skills I will need to tackle The Immortal Countess Bathory. I believe that by focusing on NRftW first, The Immortal Countess Bathory will be a better novel for it.

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