What I did this weekend…

Had a great weekend!

On Saturday, I went to the Twentieth-annual Festival of Reading at the St. Petersburg USF campus, sponsored by the Tampa Bay Times. I went with Vicki Roberts and Rob McCabe, fellow local writers and we had a great time. We started by taking in a panel of ‘local boys done good’ (always encouraging) and caught a couple of presentations by other authors who were presenting their work. The event was capped off by a local writer and ‘high muckety-muck’ of USF’s Poynter Institute, the school’s institute of journalism who gave a very, shall we say, interactive’ workshop on writing.

Sunday was my typical football day, my ‘day off from everything’. I immerse myself in mindless pursuits on Sundays because I usually need it – and I did.

Last night I did some more work on the draft, but I don’t have anything to show yet; although I do expect that after tonight I’ll have something to post by tomorrow. So, please be on the lookout for that.

Thanks so much for the support, folks!

2 responses to “What I did this weekend…

  1. Krissy Krissy Martin

    I loved how your weekend was good.

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