Did I not tell you?! The first scene of Chapter 3 is now posted. (And I need BETAS!)

Hey all,

Chapter 3 – Scene One is now posted! This scene picks back up with Kara on the road with Earnest’s traveling troupe of players. We get a bit more of a description of each than we got in the brief glimpses of them in the previous chapter and hopefully I’ve set the stage properly for what’s to come next.

Just so you all are aware, this is the last chapter I will be posting for access by the general public. Once the rest of the chapter is posted, all subsequent material will only be made available to my beta readers. If you would like to be one of my beta readers, please email me at tristanberry@outlook.com.

What am I looking for in my beta readers?

First of all, you do not have to be a writer to be a beta reader. I’m looking for a good mix of both writers and readers. It’s true that writers can often give more detailed feedback and can even provide helpful suggestions along the way. That’s why I want writers among my beta readers. But people who exclusively read are just as important because people who purely read books and don’t have anything to do with writing them are better able to tell me some of the most important things, and that’s how the writing reads to a broad audience. If I’m ever published, I certainly hope my book isn’t only purchased and liked by writers. I’ll starve! *LOL* Only those who read books for the sheer enjoyment of reading will be able to tell me how I’m doing on that score, so readers, please don’t think I don’t need you. I need you most of all, and I hope you’ll ask.

Those of you who ask to be a beta reader will be asked to submit a short critique of the first three chapters. You don’t have to go crazy with this – just a general opinion on what you think and why will be just fine – and no, if you’re critical of what I’ve written, it will definitely NOT disqualify you! *LOL*

Those who are accepted as beta readers (and I’m hoping for somewhere between six and ten) will be emailed a password which they will be able to use to access my draft beyond Chapter 3.

Thanks in advance!

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