About the final scene of Chapter 3 and an important question…

Hey all,

I’m currently working on the final scene of Chapter 3, and in this scene we’ll return to what’s going on with Serena. You may recall that she disappeared at the end of her last scene in the middle of chapter 2. In chapter 3 we will learn where she went and perhaps glimpse some of the impending ramifications of that.

This leads to an important question I would like you to give me feedback on, and here is where my thinking is…

In my overall plot, referring to the entire 3-book story arc, the storylines for Serena and Kara are not designed to fully converge until somewhere in the third and final book, and probably toward the end of that book. I’m beginning to suspect that it might be a mistake, structurally, to have the reader follow two different primary characters (Kara and Serena) through two entire books and most of the third before their storylines finally come together for the trilogy’s climactic scenes.

Once I’ve posted this scene of Serena’s which is coming soon, I’d like you all to read it while thinking of this question…

One alternative I’m considering is to leave Serena out of the first book entirely and introduce her in the second book (in the same way that I’ve introduced here in this draft). That way, the first book can focus more on Kara and Gorman. If I do that, Kara will be seen as the sole protagonist character of the trilogy and Gorman will be the supreme antagonist. Serena will remain a very important character to the story, but will become more of a strong, supporting role, which could be advantageous.

Another alternative is to leave her out of the trilogy altogether and allow that entire plot to focus exclusively upon Kara and Gorman. It’s possible that Serena, being such a strong character in her own right, might shine best if she’s given her own spotlight, her own trilogy separate from Kara’s, where she can be just as heroic (or villainous as the case may be).

Three different ideas:

  1. Continue this structure with Kara and Serena as co-protagonists from the start, dealing with their own struggles which lead inexorably to a final confrontation with the antagonist.
  2. Change the structure to give Kara the complete focus in the first novel and have her share the spotlight with Serena in the second, then build to a final confrontation with the antagonist.
  3. Give Kara the entire focus throughout the trilogy and have the final confrontation be between just Kara and the antagonist at the trilogy’s conclusion, then start a new series focusing exclusively on Serena who faces her own antagonist.

After I post this next scene of Serena’s (in the next day or so) please let me know what you think.


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