Chapter 3 – Scene Three is finally FINISHED!!

Hey there, all!

I finally got the scene finished. I couldn’t tell you why it was so hard to write it. I was looking forward to writing it. I enjoyed writing it. Once I got going, it seemed to flow nicely. Perhaps it was the schedule and having trouble finding time consistently to write, but I couldn’t say. But it is DONE, and I am happy. 🙂

Chapter 3 – Scene Three

NOW, this is the important part.

About a week ago, I posted a question about the Serena storyline, whether I should keep it in this novel, sharing the focus with Kara, OR whether I should put off the Serena storyline till the second novel in the trilogy where I might be able to feature her better, OR whether I should remove the Serena storyline from the trilogy entirely and give Serena her own trilogy where she can be the central focus.

I really could use some guidance on this, from both writers and readers. All opinions count.

Thank you!

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