World-building… Also, head meet wall.

I’m in a bit of a pickle. I’m working on the outline and draft, and I can’t seem to visualize the world I’m building. How can I hope to make this world come alive for readers when I can’t visualize it either?

Yes, I’ve made some changes. The world will now be a little darker, more foreboding and dreadful, than I initially planned. I also understand that I will need to balance those darker elements with breathtaking beauty, and I intend to. But there’s more to it than that. In matters of geography I’m having trouble visualizing spatial relationships and that’s really hampering my ability to work out the plotlines.

Might CC3 help? I think it would. CC3 is a program called Campaign Cartographer 3 and it literally designs worlds. I want it. I probably need it. But the package I would need is almost $400.

Head, meet wall.

5 responses to “World-building… Also, head meet wall.

  1. I love cartography programs. This one would make be pound my head on the wall, too, but I bet it is a real gem. ugh.

  2. Count Tristan, use online, photos, music cover photos, etc., to get you your very basic images. We all need a starting point….not the whole world. KISS!

  3. I don’t think you need to spend the money. Lord of the Rings was created without fancy spancy programs. Pick a place in the world, maybe third world country, think about what they need to survive: water, food, trade with other people. What don’t they have to survive: clean water, desert area not good for farming, invading enemies because of lack of natural blockades like mountains. What animals and plants are native to that area. Now create your world using this principle for any fantasy world that you create. We did this with the schools that would visit the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philly. We would tell them to create their own world and dinosaurs from what they had learned about adaptations. I hope this helps:)

  4. Thanks Gilbert, it does. I can usually design maps with ease but there’s something with this map that has me struggling and I can’t figure it out. I know that I’ll want the program eventually for the purpose of rendering the final maps for publication (the result is that level of quality), but I was hoping that with software I might be able to design, move, change, and edit a lot faster than I can with pencils and graph paper, which might help to break through this block I have with visualization.

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