The Evolution of Chalandris

Hey all,

While doing some thinking on the two novel series I have planned for the Chalandris setting, I noticed a problem. As most of you likely know, I have two primary central characters and originally I was going to have both of them share the spotlight in a single novel series, but then thought better of it, deciding it would be better to treat the story differently by splitting it into two parts with each central character having their own series, allowing me to focus upon each of them in their own story. Once I made that decision, it felt right. It still does.

The plan I came up with was to start with Kara’s story. As the first of the stories I conceived, it only made sense. It was while dreaming up Kara’s story that I had conceived of the setting of Chalandris in the first place. Serena’s story occurred to me later, after the outline of Kara’s story was practically done. The problem I noticed, though, is that the two stories are very different from each other. Not a problem in and of itself; in fact, that’s a good thing. But the problem is that the scope of Kara’s story is huge – in fact, it would be fair to describe the scope as “epic”, where the fate of the world could possibly hang in the balance. Serena’s story, by contrast, is much more intimate, more of a personal saga. By now, most of you see the problem. Going from a sweeping novel series, huge in scope, to a smaller, more intimate story in the same setting, will quite literally feel smaller.

So, I’m going to set Serena’s story first in the timeline and write the first installment of it. Then, I’ll continue as I shop for an agent and publisher. Maybe I’ll get to Kara’s story before I get published. If so, fine.

I know many of you will like this news. Some of you professed a preference for Serena’s story. The intimacy of her story really seemed to resonate with some of you, and I’m happy that the result of my continued thinking will be a shift in my attention to her. Also, it will allow me to introduce the setting of Chalandris and get the reader well-familiar with the setting before I start tearing things apart in Kara’s story.


2 responses to “The Evolution of Chalandris

  1. Tristin – Check out this interesting article about using shorter stories to keep readers interested while you’re working on longer storylines. This might work for your epic verses shorter story issue: Best regards…BonSue

  2. Oh, BonSue, that’s AWESOME! Thank you!!!!!! *hugs galore*

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