Chalandris from space?

I’ve been doing some thinking about how to make Chalandris unique in the vast milieu of fantasy worlds. In keeping with my penchant for allegory, I’ve been trying to consider the implications of a binary solar system, what effect that would have on life and how it is experienced by the denizens of such a planet. Generally, days would be longer and weather would be less predictable, even if the two suns are orbiting each other very closely and one of the suns is weak compared to the other.

While doing research on this, I encountered the following CGI video of just such a binary system recently discovered by astronomers:

The system, located in the constellation of Cygnus in our sky, is composed of two suns, one large and white and the other smaller and yellow-orange in color, orbited by two planets. The closer planet is too close to be habitable, but the outer planet is within the system’s ‘habitable zone’; very exciting stuff! Now, the planets in this particular system are both gaseous and uninhabitable on that account, but if they were rocky planets like Earth, they could potentially support life if other conditions were met.

This video is very helpful to me because it helps me to envision what conditions might be like on such a planet. What would their daytime and nighttime skies look like? What would their annual seasons be like? Would their seasons even necessarily be annual?? Lots of stuff to ponder!

It’s World-building! It’s Fun! 🙂 Dare to dream…


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