About TristanBerry.com

Hello, and thank you for visiting!

My name is Tristan Berry, and I’m an aspiring author. I’m writing my first novel and I created this site to promote my work. It is my hope that this will be an effective tool in my pursuit of eventually becoming published.

This site has a built-in blog and I’ll be blogging here about my projects and writing in general. If you’d like to follow my blog you can subscribe to it. (The right-hand side of every page has a Follow/Subscribe feature. Look for “Follow TristanBerry.com”.) My blog subscribers will get email notifications whenever I post to the blog. I plan to post blog updates several times a week. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed or join through Networked Blogs.

I’m also going to put excerpts of my writing here, with each project having one or more separate pages. Everything is still in either a conceptual or a first draft stage, but I’ve decided to go ahead and share something of each project, although the bulk of the material I intend to publish will require a password to view. I’ve also included some poetry here. ‘The Turtle Doves’ and ‘The Maze’ are pieces I wrote in high school. ‘The Hero I Never Met’ I wrote within the past five years and ‘Posterity’ more recently still. I have no plans to publish the poetry. I’m including that just to share.

No “About” page would be complete without a bit of background about myself. I’m not the self-promoting type so this doesn’t come naturally to me, but in the interest of being active in the promotion of myself from a business perspective I’ll just go ahead and say this:

I admit to being a geek. Yeah, one of those hard-core, card-carrying, Dungeons & Dragons-playing geeks. Starting in 1981, I played that game for a lot of years. Over time I became increasingly involved in the creative aspects of the game, creating adventures, game worlds, developing characters and so on. As a result, I was writing for many years without even realizing it.

Becoming involved in the creative process as I did, I found myself instinctively trying to shoehorn the way adventures unfolded for the players as if I were telling a story and they were experiencing that story as characters within it. It was usually great fun for me, and other players often complimented me on creating a sense of realism and helping them feel deeply immersed in the world I created with descriptions of scenes and characters, my expression of dialogue, all of those things that tend to come naturally to storytellers.

But sometimes things didn’t go according to plan. The characters in my stories were not MY characters, of course. They were being controlled by someone else, by other players of the game. Consequently, they had a persistent habit of going off in directions I had no intention of going, which could become very frustrating at times, diminishing the quality of the story I wanted to tell.

As it happens, I fell into writing quite by accident, but it has been a very happy accident because I see now that it is the perfect solution to that persistent problem I had. Dungeons and Dragons may have provided me with that spark of inspiration that tapped into my latent creativity, but it was not the proper vehicle for it. But it did provide me with the opportunity to learn certain skills: world-building, character creation, storyboarding, plotting, etc. So writing is clearly the proper vehicle, and if I’ve been fortunate enough to develop those skills sufficiently (and if my innate talent should prove adequate), I might be able to make a living at this as I create stories that I feel practically compelled to write. And now that I control every aspect of the story, even though no book comes to market without many hands being involved behind the scenes, ultimately my success will be dependent upon me and me alone, and that’s exactly as it should be.

Now, as I get plugged into this writing thing I am getting exposed to other local writers and I have a page of links to their pages if they have one. Check out the Local Writers page and please pay them a visit. Their stuff is quite good and I’m sure they would love the traffic as much as I’m sure you would love their work.

I’m sure that many of you have known me for a while and have noticed that I can get a little hermitty when I get deeply involved in writing. I’m hoping this site will help me keep in touch as well as keep people updated on how I’m doing. I’m really looking forward to this!