More Local Writers!

Florida seems to be thriving with aspiring writers. Ever since I decided to stop treating writing as a pastime and embrace it with sincere determination, I have encountered local writers, writing groups, workshops, just an immense amount of amazing resources and selfless support. What a wonderful community!
I can’t help but want to give back to the fantastic people who have helped me with support, advice, encouragement and guidance. The list will start small but will grow as I am able to add web addresses for excellent writers in the area, both published and yet-to-be-published.

Jenny Keller Ford

“I love to write Young Adult fiction, primarily fantasy, but I tend to write whatever when the mood moves me. It could be poetry, it could be something horrible, something paranormal, it doesn’t matter, as long as I write.  My favorite books are young adult/new adult.  I like falling back to my younger self and escaping in a book.  I will read non-fiction books, but the subject really has to grip me.  I have written a few non-fiction short stories that have won some online awards and they are posted here on my blog.  I’m currently writing a trilogy:  The Chronicles of Fallhollow.  My first novel in the series, In the Dragon King, is undergoing a re-write for a publisher.  I have also started on the second and third books in the series.  I am always writing short stories and submitting them for publication.”

BonSue Brandvik

“I became inspired to write a novel that would encompass some of my other passions in life; including romance, the afterlife, local history, and of course, the Belleview Biltmore Resort. When I began developing ideas for a novel about ghosts who haunt the hotel, I found I was able to draw upon my incredibly rich and unique assortment of experiences and interactions with people to create wonderfully complex characters and situations that span time and social strata. Almost immediately, I knew there was not one, but several, stories to be told and my novel became a series, under the collection title, “Spirits of the Belleview Biltmore.”

I hope my novels will spark the imagination of my readers, encouraging them to look beyond this world into the unknown, while at the same time, embracing some simple truths I have learned… that no matter what trials and tribulations this world brings to your doorstep, you are never alone unless you choose to be, there is much to be learned from our elders, and love really can be true and everlasting.”

Thomas Weston

“I am the author of a number of books in various genres. They are available in print at Also see Amazon and Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook under the name of Thomas Weston.”


Robert McCabe

“From my earliest recollections, I was always exposed to books and stories. My father would read the myths and legends of Ancient Greece and Rome along with the stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe to me for hours. I always loved the sound of the spoken word and made up my mind at a very early age that I was going to pursue theatre as a career. It was just a small step for me from theatre to storytelling. I have also traveled throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area offering storytelling and writing workshops as well as performances.

I have performed in two Fringe Festivals; one at the Northlands Storytelling Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, the other at the Lehigh Storytelling Festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I am also a published writer on and the Thursday Night Write chapbook, published through Affirmations, a community center for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered community in Ferndale, Michigan.”

L. E. Fallon

“My literary fascination came early in life and I have written many short stories of varying genres. My excitement and passion is for all writing types, but romance would probably be at the top of my list of favorites. I feel that my style when writing romance is more sensuous and endearing. My goal was to become a published author/novelist by the end of 2009. Success!!! Next goal: Get it marketed and out to the public.

I have several lengthy works in progress; however, this was my first submission to any publication. I am so grateful to Publish America for giving me the opportunity to be published. Trip to Paradise is my first novel (of hopefully MANY).”


Vicki Roberts


Cynthia A. Sandor

“Twenty years ago, underneath the end table in my parents’ bedroom, I found a very strange hand-made book. The stained green hard cover has a red cloth emblem on the lower right hand corner. It is bounded with a simple green string. I brought the book to my 61 year old mother who was in the hospital. She was dying from bone cancer. I said “Mom. What’s this?” as I handed her the book. She said, “Don’t show that to anybody! You’ll get killed if anybody reads this book.”

Today, I start the journey of making a dream come true – to publish my mother’s book and eventually to see it on the ‘silver screen.’ The book has been transcribed from it’s original version and I am typing it into a manuscript form while researching the places she wrote about.”