My Novel Projects

It has taken me quite some time to establish exactly what I want to write. Most of that process has been documented on the blog page and you can go through and read all of that if you like OR you can save yourself from the mind-numbing tedium of reading through post after post of my incessant whining and agonizing and just read this page instead.

  • Chronicles of Chalandris will be a series of gothic stories set in a fantasy world called Chalandris by its inhabitants. Chalandris is a world governed by nine gods and goddesses who meddle in the affairs of the world, albeit with invisible hands. The contests and struggles for power among these nine ineffable deities are reflected in the world below in the great historical events that occur, taking the form of everything from wars and cataclysms to peaceful times and technological advancements.
  • Lay of the Undying The novels will explore the exceptional life of Geštinanna, a Nibiri princess who was worshiped by the ancient Sumerians as an Anunnaki goddess and whose lifespan, like all the Nibiri, is measured in thousands of years. The novel series will follow Geštinanna through various incarnations throughout human history.