Chronicles of Chalandris

Chronicles of Chalandris will be a series of tales set in a fantasy world called Chalandris by its inhabitants. Chalandris is a world governed by nine gods and goddesses who meddle in the affairs of the world, albeit with invisible hands. The contests and struggles for power among these nine ineffable deities are reflected in the world below in the great historical events that occur, taking the form of everything from wars and cataclysms to peaceful times and technological advancements.

The working title for the first trilogy is The First Cycle: No Redemption for the Wicked and tells the story of a young woman who comes into the world in the midst of brutality but is determined to find her place in it. How she deals with her tragic past as she comes of age in the face of global changes will determine nothing less than the fate of a kingdom.

A second trilogy titled The Second Cycle: Vengeance of The Chosen will tell the story of Serena, a young noble daughter of Deepmoor whose mother harbors a secret which, if revealed, could dash the hopes of Deepmoor forever. Those who stand to gain from Deepmoor’s fall are numerous, but when Serena disappears none of Deepmoor’s rivals take advantage, suggesting their innocence. Is someone playing a longer game, or does Deepmoor have a new rival? And where is Serena? Is she safe, and does her mother’s secret affect her?


One response to “Chronicles of Chalandris

  1. I am SO looking forward to reading this! I wish you many happy hours of writing! Rose

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