The Characters of ‘A Flowering Darkness’

A Flowering Darkness tells the story of a young exotic woman born under brutal circumstances: Kara.



Kara (Ir’ilynkara): Having her unsavory origin thrust into her face constantly from a young age, Kara is compelled to find her own place in the world and determined to do it on her own terms. Her search leads her on a remarkable journey where she discovers just what she is capable of and unexpectedly becomes an inspiration for many.


Gorman of the Wilds

Gorman is a mercenary with exceptional ambition and a ruthless manner. Well-liked by his mercenary brothers and admired for his brutality, Gorman quickly ascends the ranks of the oddly-named mercenary company, ‘The Loyal Order of the Golden Sovereign’. Although they are modeled after a chivalric order of knighthood, even going so far as to bestow ‘knightly’ honors upon themselves for heroic actions that increase the company’s prestige, the ‘knights, squires, and men-at-arms’ of the Loyal Order of the Golden Sovereign are only truly loyal to the golden sovereigns, the coin of the realm they are paid for their service, and everyone is in on the obvious play on words. As for Gorman, he exemplifies the nature of the order as he is cold, cunning, and remorseless, but he harbors ambitions far greater than anyone knows; and after devoting many years to putting himself and various allies into specific positions of power and influence within the mercenary company he is now poised to literally take the world by storm.



3 responses to “The Characters of ‘A Flowering Darkness’

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  2. Where do you find your amazing pictures?

  3. I cull them from portrait sets that are used for the Neverwinter Nights online role-playing game. Many of them are, in turn, artwork from other artists, many of them heavily modified. Then I will sometimes modify them a little more..

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