Lay of the Undying

Lay of the Undying is a planned series of novels depicting a race of people called the Nibiri. The Nibiri are a race from beyond earth who settled on this planet eons ago, a small remnant of whom remain. Their natural lifespans are so long that they seem ageless to us, or would if we knew of their existence. They are able to insinuate themselves among us because they also have a natural ability to alter their appearance at will. They use this ability to appear to age and adopt lifespans that humanity would call normal.

The novels will explore the exceptional life of Geštinanna, a Nibiri princess who was worshiped by the ancient Sumerians as an Anunnaki goddess and whose lifespan, like all the Nibiri, is measured in thousands of years. The novel series will follow Geštinanna through various incarnations throughout human history.

The Immortal Countess In the medieval Kingdom of Hungary in the late 1500s, Geštinanna incarnates as Elizabeth Bathory of the powerful and royal Bathory family. As she accumulates wealth and power, members of her family come to regard her increasingly as a threat, and making alliances with the natural adversaries of the Báthory royal family becomes all too easy when aristocracy across central Europe starts to fear the Countess Erzsébeth Báthory.



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