The Immortal Countess – Chapter 1 – Scene Three

When the Baron and Baroness returned with Laszlo some hours later, Zsaka was waiting for them in the parlor.

“I want to meet this Count.”, she said.

Baroness Anna smiled at the news. “I’m delighted that you’ve surrendered to reason, Zsaka. I do hope you’ll not do something to spoil your chances with him.”

“You should rather hope that he doesn’t spoil his chances with me.” Zsaka responded.

Baron Lázár smiled. “I am certain that I can arrange for Count Piros to escort you to dinner. He has been dining with the King all this week past, and I am certain he would enjoy having an escort upon his arm.”

“Lázár, that’s splendid!”, the Baroness exclaimed. “That would be a wonderful boon for the Count.”

“This dinner isn’t for him, Mother. It’s for me. If this Count intends to meddle in our affairs, then I intend to take full measure of him.”, Zsaka replied.

“Zsaka, I wish you would stop seeing adversaries around every corner.”, Baroness Anna pleaded. “And for heavens’ sake, do be on your best behavior for the Count. This is important.”

“Really, Mother, you have no need to impress upon me the importance of all this. I am very aware.”, Zsaka replied.


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