My Poetry

To say that I don’t write poetry often is an understatement. I think my poetry muse and my prose muse must not like each other very much, and that’s why my poetry muse rarely visits me.

I wrote two poems when I was in high school: “The Maze”, and “The Turtle Doves”. “The Maze” shows my abstract thinking trying to be funny, and “The Turtle Doves” is my passive-aggressive angst using symbolism to shout my frustrations to the world in words I know it won’t understand.

“The Hero I Never Met” I wrote about 4 years ago, I think. A dear friend’s grandfather passed away. He was a World War II veteran and from out of nowhere the poem just sort-of came to me. Understandably, the poem has a sense of maturity that the other two seem to lack, and for that reason I like it better; although some have said otherwise. I love that about poetry. So much of its meaning is in the hands of the reader.

“Posterity” came to me from out of a writing exercise I did last year. It just goes to show that you never know when or where inspiration will strike.

These poems have personal value to me but I have no real interest in pursuing their publication. They’re presented here just to share my more introspective side.


One response to “My Poetry

  1. I love reading Poetry. I would love to read one of your poems someday!

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