“The Hero I Never Met”

There is a man I never met,
and I don’t even know his name.
But everything I have I owe,
to this man who never knew fame.

Now, he was known for what he did,
and for the price he paid.
But time and war claimed the young man he was,
and the old man he became.

He and thousands like him,
gave up their youth and joys.
Taking up arms they marched to war,
no longer to be boys.

They became men of tempered steel,
and hearts of solid stone.
They needed these to bear their days,
and face their nights alone.

And when at last the day of triumph came,
and their valiant struggle won.
Nations cheered and flags were waved,
but only they really knew what they’d done.

And home they came, their nation proud,
soldiers and sailors alike.
Heroes one and all they were,
each rebuilding a tattered life.

For many of them this was a test,
as tough as the war they fought.
And no one knew but those closest to them,
how much harder this was than they thought.

But most had success and some even thrived,
in their lives after the war.
Some even learned to soften their hearts,
and care much like before.

Though their generation would always be
defined by the struggle they faced,
They themselves yearned to be known,
as more than just heroes encased.

So I will remember the heroes that fought,
and died so that I could be…
free to live the lives they lost,
long ago across the sea.

But also in my heart of hearts,
I will remember yet,
That each brave man risked his life,
To be the hero I never met.


One response to ““The Hero I Never Met”

  1. Bravo! My father – an army man who died way too young – would be honored. I am honored that you wrote this. Thank you.

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