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An apology, many ‘thank you’s, and a celebration are due

Hello Alpheans,

I owe you all an apology. I have not posted in eleven days, and I am sorry for letting you down. I’ll post more about it later tonight, but I’ve been having trouble with where the story is going right now and I haven’t quite figured out what to do about it. I should have blogged about it, but I didn’t. But, despite the lack of new content, many of you continued to visit my page and I cannot thank you enough. Just knowing that your interest in my work persists when there is no ‘new’ bit of writing to read I find exceptionally moving. Thank you all so very much.

Also, during the past eleven days a significant milestone was passed when this site reached 1,000 hits! Can you imagine?! One thousand hits! Wow! Thank you!


The full site is now live – and locked down

Hello Alpheans!

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Denise, Rob, Marsha, and Nonie who braved the rigorous (not really) process of creating a WordPress account so that they could continue to read my writing. I’m now able to lock down the site and make the writing content visible and accessible again. I’m still working on the edits for Chapters 3 & 4… well that’s what they were called, now they’re Chapters 2 & 3 after making Chapter 1 the new Prologue and renumbering all of the chapters accordingly. I’ll post them as I finish them. Be on the lookout for update messages.

A new workshop, a fresh perspective, and a bit of sausage

Greetings, Alpheans!

I went to a new workshop tonight, the Palm Harbor School of the Novel. It was their second monthly meeting. They have a couple of writers who have previously been published, so their perspective will be extremely valuable. We each had an opportunity to read five pages of our writing if we wished, and me being the approval-seeking whore that I am… I wished. I read the first scene of Chapter One, that being approximately five double-spaced pages of material. The feedback I got was generally good. Some of my research was questioned, which was fair. My writing was well-received, particularly my concise use of dialogue, which I appreciated. The best suggestion I received was something that at once surprised me and relieved me. I’m going back to the Prologue idea, but with just the two scenes of Chapter One being the Prologue. What is currently Chapter Two will be the new Chapter One. This will also introduce the central character in Chapter One, which is as it should be. Sorry about the changing of things (again), but that’s what happens during the draft stage of writing. It’s kinda like making sausage.

“Mortality, Interrupted” storyline under construction

Hello Alpheans!

I’d been trying to write the final scene of Chapter 3 and having some trouble. While discussing the book with Denise, she mentioned a couple of things in the way of criticism that were really helpful. One was that in several scenes I either mention or outright focus on the death of Charles and Eva’s daughter Elizabeth. To me, each mention of it made sense, added to the story, and fit where I put it. But Denise turned out to be right, too. It was a bit of overkill to keep bringing it up in scene after scene. The problem was a storyline structure that naturally and repeatedly hearkened back to the Goodmans’ tragedy. While Denise and I were discussing this, it also occurred to me that while Eva is reacting naturally to the events in each scene, I’m missing an opportunity to show the descent of her mental and emotional stability in a natural progression.

So, I’m rewriting the story from the end of the last scene of Chapter 2 onward. I’m re-using as much of the material as possible, but with some careful rearranging of things and adding some new material I’m hoping that I can address the problem Denise highlighted and create a sequence of events for Eva to naturally react to which will show a steady deterioration of her grasp of reality.

With some excellent criticism, the story is going to have a chance to become stronger and better! Thank you, Denise!

New page added! ‘What exactly is this “Underground Stream” thing?’

Greetings, Alpheans!

I’ve decided to add a new page to the site. It probably is going to be considered boring by many of you, but for me it is something of a blueprint in the sense that this article describing a concept called the “Ring Lord” culture (published on the web by author Laurence Gardner) touches on much of what I have been researching for many years and have been wanting to use for background material. The advantage of this article is that the material is very diverse, but Mr. Gardner manages to sum things up very succinctly. In fact, this article says so much in such a short space that it’s quite amazing. Now, it’s not exactly light reading and I admit it, but if you want some insight into ‘what’s really going on’ in “Mortality, Interrupted” then read the article here.

HEY!! Where did the book go?!

Not to worry, my dear Alpheans:

All of the webpages on the site that contain my writing still exist; I’ve just removed them from publication and are currently not accessible. I’ll make them accessible again once the site has been locked down.