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A shift in focus

Hello, everyone.

In the past I’ve considered the idea of shifting my focus toward my fantasy novel, Royal Redemption, so I can learn the craft of writing with a project less critical to my heart and mind than the mammoth and intricate project that starts with Mortality, Interrupted. I appreciate the fierce support many of you have provided me over the years more than words can say and there have been times when if it had not been for that support I would have given up writing altogether.

Now I’ve often read where writers have said such things but I couldn’t imagine them being actually true. How could a writer good enough to become published ever doubt themselves or their talent and skill? Now I know better.

Writing is ultimately a solitary endeavor. Yes, you can meet many colleagues and make a lot of friends along the way, from fans to fellow writers, but whenever you sit down to write, you’re alone. It’s just you, the writer, and the story. Until you get some confirmation from outside yourself, you can never be sure if what you write is really quality. You can guess, but you can’t really know for sure.

What I need to do is take smaller steps. The size and scope of the Mortality, Interrupted story arc is just immense, spanning all of human history from the first civilization in ancient Sumer to the modern world. I don’t know how many books that will be, but the amount of ‘story’ is just mind-boggling, and put simply, this is going to require a writer whose abilities are beyond what I currently possess.

So, I’m going to take another beloved story, a fantasy story I’ve revealed a bit of on this site, and I am going to pour my heart and soul into this very worthy project. The story is in its infancy, just about at the start of the creative process; and that’s where I would really like to begin anew. I recently read an amazing blog post from a published writer, Rachel Aaron, and her advice will transform my writing.

(Writing advice: Readers of my blog who are writers themselves will definitely want to check out her blog, particularly the entry that inspired me called “How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day”, and I also highly recommend some of her other writing advice, such as “How I Plot A Novel in 5 Steps“. GREAT STUFF!)

The thing is, I have been trying to eat this elephant for five years now and if I don’t find a better way to go about doing this then even despite your tremendous support I’m just going to end another failed writer that couldn’t make it happen, and that’s something I just can’t let happen. So I want to build my skills as a writer and bring a project to fruition, perhaps writing some sequels to Royal Redemption before tackling that massive Mortality, Interrupted project that is my most cherished. I want to do it justice, and I mean to.

So, for now, I want to introduce you all to Kara, a young half-elven woman, who wants more than anything to learn magic, but after becoming estranged from her mother is forced to become a thief to survive a world that is much more cruel than she ever expected.