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Ideas to make Alpheus more interactive

Hello, Alpheans!

The traffic on Alpheus has really been picking up lately, and I can’t thank you enough! With all the traffic, I’d really love to see a lot more comments on the posts and pages. I know that most of you prefer replying to me directly, and I do like all the feedback that I get. But I would be willing to sacrifice that to have a more robust flow of conversation, a real feeling of community here on Alpheus.

To help generate some of this interactive communication, I’m toying with the idea of some sort of contest. Maybe a contest where y’all supply story ideas and I pick a winner from the group for the best story idea or the idea that would fit the storyline best. I’m not sure what an appropriate prize might be, but y’all can chime in and make suggestions about that, too. Just talk about it HERE, or it doesn’t count. 🙂

So, how does that sound?


Workshop News!!

Greetings, Alpheans!

Attended the bi-weekly Clearwater Writers’ Meetup tonight. One of the things we do is go around the group and read ten minutes’ worth of our writing for the other members of the group to critique. I read the first two scenes of the draft (now called Chapter 1) at the last meeting so tonight I began at Chapter 2. In the ten minutes I was allotted, I read the first two scenes and got about halfway through the third (and final) scene of the second chapter. What can I say about the feedback other than that it warmed my heart to hear my work so well-received by other writers. I dare not be so effusive as to show outwardly the depth of my appreciation and gratitude out of concern for generating embarrassment on both their part and mine, but inwardly I can scarcely contain the joy I feel when people enjoy my writing.

The story itself seems to be getting the most praise. Tonight’s reading revealed the vampires’ ability to assume the identities of specific people by consuming their blood and changing their shape to physically match a person using their blood as template. Everyone seemed to agree that it was a very unique twist on more traditional vampiric abilities. They did not see it coming and felt that I did a good job of revealing it. On a more technical note, cutting away from Zsaka at the moment she first becomes stuck in the tunnel to focus on the events taking place concurrently in the castle above her was also well-liked.

The encouragement I’m getting from everyone has been critical to my ability to continue writing. I really can’t express the amount of gratitude I feel toward every single one of you who are interested enough in my writing to follow it and cheer me on. If this book ever gets published it will be because of all of you; because you refused to allow me to quit. I hope it isn’t too premature to thank you for it now at the time when I am the lucky beneficiary of your generous praise and criticism. I also hope that by cheering your efforts to push me onward that you won’t stop doing so when I hit future rough patches.

So, now I’m going to take the momentum from tonight’s meeting and see if I can channel it into some words.

Thanks again,