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Announcing a hiaitus

Hello Alpheans,

As many of you know, politics is very important to me; and as we are gearing up for an extremely frenetic mid-term election season I have many commitments I have made. I have joined the executive committee of my party and applied to be a precinct committeeman, I have joined the local party club for my city, I have joined a political grassroots organization where I have volunteered to work on several committees, and I have also volunteered to work on two local candidates’ campaigns. It will be nearly impossible for me to focus well upon writing and researching the novel when I have so much else to do.

So, being pragmatic I have decided that the responsible thing to do is to put the book on the back burner until after the mid-term elections in early November. Of course, my mind will probably not recognize my decision and is likely to throw random things at me just because that’s what it does. I will do my best to document those things and even work on them a bit if time and opportunity permit, but I do not expect to get much of anything significant accomplished until after the mid-term elections are held in November.

I appreciate your support, and I hope to see you all when I resume in November.