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Exciting research to shape the series

Hello, Alpheans!

I’m using some very off-the wall sources as research for “Mortality, Interrupted”. As a result, I’m going to be making some very outlandish ‘claims’ in this book, not unlike the claims made in books like ‘The DaVinci Code”. Some of the research I’m following is being done by folks like Zechariah Sitchin, David Icke, Alex Jones, and Laurence Gardner, all renowned conspiracy theory researchers. Now, I AM doing everything I can to verify their research with independent sources, but that isn’t always possible.

I’ll be doing my best to be as fact-based as possible. I want the ‘history’ presented in this series of books to be completely plausible. I want historians to be able to read my books (assuming I am privileged enough to be able to write more than one) and find themselves wondering if it could be true. I know that’s a very tall order for someone who never spent a day in college to be able to make a historian say, ‘Holy crap! Look at this!’, but that’s what I want to do here. I want to knock historians on their collective butts. And then I’ll look down at them and grin. Cuz I’m an ornery cuss.